Xelevate LLC

Xelevate LLC

  Phone: (+1) 571-455-4791   Email:[email protected]   Address: 13870 Taylorstown Rd Leesburg, VA - 20176, United States

Drone Infrastructure as a Service (Physical, Digital, and Intellectual): An Unmanned Systems Test, Development, Training, Innovation, Demonstration, Collaboration, Conferences & Symposiums Center of Excellence

Be a part of the First Physical Drone/UAS Ecosystem, with Proximity to Washington DC:

Hold Conferences, events, symposiums, demonstrations, training, testing, collaboration for next level UAS and drone capabilities.

Host or participate in Events @ Xelevate:
Be in the know and see firsthand the latest UAS trends and capabilities,withthoughtleadershipandlivecapability demonstrations

Rent Facility/Flight Time:
Great for Demonstrating, Training, Testing, holding events on your capabilities or learning about others capabilities

Lease Office/Labs for Maximum Collaboration & Innovation:
Gain unique access to the latest trends and market perks, with a cost-efficient mid-atlantic location

Attend the Xelevate Flight School:
Hands-on flight training and supporting documentation that mature flight practices beyond part 107 ground school knowledge

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Certified Part 107 Commercial Drone Pilots, Instructors, Red Team Pilots, Consultants, Cleared Personnel

Providing innovative drone solutions for the future
We stand ready and are already connecting US technology supply chain with mission needs in this emerging technology space.

Name Title Phone Bio
Marcy Eisenberg President
Andy Biechlin Owner